One of the most common desires I hear as a speaker trainer and coach is “I would LOVE to do a TED talk”.  It’s a great aspiration, one that will get you noticed, one that will position you as a thought-leader, someone in the know who certainly has something to say.

A TED talk is one of many things you can do to build your reputation and credibility in your particular industry. It will absolutely help you to grow your business quickly, so how do you go about getting one?

I spoke to the organiser and curator of TEDx Macquarie University recently and I asked her what they looked for in their speakers, what were the three key elements they considered to be mandatory?

It’s pretty simple:

1. The more confident you are in your own skin, the more appealing you are.

Being confident means different things to different people, it is important for you to ask yourself the questions: What does confidence mean to me? How does it feel in my body? If you FEEL great, you will be captivating to watch and that means your audience will remember what you have said long after you have said it. What can you do to ensure you feel confident in your own skin?

2. Being a speaker is not about you.

“TED is about ideas worth spreading not people worth spreading” – Fabiola Barba Ponce

The most important thing for you to do whilst speaking is to put your FOCUS on your audience. Your goal is to engage, inspire, motivate and take your audience on a journey with you. Focusing on them and what they need will ensure you can move them emotionally. By taking the focus off yourself and really connecting with them, it will shift those feelings of having to perform and get it right, which in turn enables you to be your authentic self and deliver your idea with conviction.

3. Diversity and Disruption 

The word disruption is banded about a lot these days but what do we mean by being disruptive? It simply means, how can I do it differently? how can I shake up the status quo? Can I take an old idea and present it in an exciting, captivating, new way? or do I have a new idea that will create waves and change the way we currently look at a particular idea or issue?

Having a talk in your arsenal ready to go is what will set you apart from other speakers out there.

There is an audience waiting just for YOU.

Love Laura x

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