I remember when I used to dream about speaking, travelling and having the freedom to make choices about where I spend my time. Now I am TRULY living it!

Speaking and sharing your story and expertise through video and live public speaking is such a powerful investment and I want you to be able to have choices in your business.

When I first started SLS I had no idea what was ahead of me. There is a rollercoaster of emotions that goes with running a business; the resistance to being seen, managing cashflow, learning about online marketing, allowing myself to be heard. Running my own business has taught me many things, one lesson that stands out for me again and again is that in order to grow and keep growing we have to have:


You see, it’s all to do with where we put our energy. There is so much to running a business that our energy can be directed all over the place, our speaking and communication skills cannot up-level and bring in more money if we are focusing like a flashlight not like a laser.


I went for a walk in the English countryside yesterday morning and I was walking past a field of horses, their heads were down facing away from me, all happily grazing and focused on what they were eating. They didn’t see me stood at the edge of the field. It was a great opportunity for me to use my energy. So I stood and closed my eyes, took three deep breaths and opened my heart with love. I quietly said to them: “I send you love and I open my heart, I send you love and I open my heart” all of a sudden four of the horses looked straight at me and quickly came trotting over to me in unison to say hi. It was beautiful to see these majestic animals coming towards me to receive love. If we open our hearts and focus our attention on what we want, we can allow the magic to happen.


Learning how to share story in your business is the best investment you can make. It is through emotion we connect and resonate with others. I adore storytelling and I want YOU to use it in your business and speaking because it transforms your talks and communication into a impactful experience for your audience.

Places where STORY really works:

TED Talk
About page
Sales pages
Online Marketing videos
Emails to your subscribers
Coaching packages
Online programs

Great questions to ask yourself are:

How much of your story needs to go into everything you are doing across all platforms?
How can I use different stories that will attract my ideal clients?
What tense am I usining?
What is the most effective way to persuade, inspire and motivate my audience?
What tone of voice am I using?
Which platforms will I use to communicate my message?

Love Laura x

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