Speakers VIP Day

For the speaker, entrepreneur and emerging leader who has a talk just waiting to be crafted. The VIP day is a collaboration of creative minds. This is a jam packed day full of learning, creating and rehearsing. We will set the solid foundations for your powerful talk. You will walk away with a finished talk, vocal technique, communication skills and rehearsal processes. Rome wasn't built in a day, the content we create will need to be continuously rehearsed.

Get On To The World Stage

Together we will create your world class talk. Whether you need to speak on stage, pitch an idea or win investment, we will create content specific to your needs. The key to a beautifully crafted talk is knowing what your audience wants and being able to deliver.

This program is for you if you want to...

Get clear on your message

Often the most challenging aspect of creating your world class talk is knowing what your core message is.  With so much to share and lots of ideas, it can become overwhelming to decide what to share and why. I will support you to get clear and deliver a powerful, impactful message.

Share impactful stories

Your story is at the heart of your message. If you are able to connect with your audience on an emotional level, they are much more compelled to remember what you said and take action. Connect, inspire and guide your audience.

You have been invited to speak or share video

You have a date locked in for your speaking engagement and your intention is to blow them away. You want to focus on adding value and connecting with your audience in a genuine, authentic way.

Deliver a stand out talk

Focusing on your delivery is important as it will enable you to stand out as a speaker and have an impact on your audience. Your speaking style is something we develop and nurture, allowing the real you to shine through.

Hear What Clients Have To Say

about the Speaker's VIP Day

Here's what we'll be covering...

Your Message

We will take time to establish your overarching message, your purpose, why you are sharing your experience and knowledge and what is the cost of not sharing. We will discover why it is so important and how to repurpose your messaging across platforms.

Powerful Delivery

This holistic training will support you to deliver from the heart and allow your passion to be felt. Your voice will create ripples of change for your audience and beyond. It is my belief that we communicate with more than just our voice. We are made up of energy, therefore let’s tap into a bit of magic and ensure you are sharing the whole you.


Storytelling is so powerful. It is story that opens up the pathway to connect with your audience. Through story they can learn lessons, understand challenges and celebrate joy. The story is what they will take take home and remember long after you have left the stage.

Your Signature Talk

Develop a meaningful talk that will impact the lives of others. Condense your content into a beautifully crafted talk that shares story, lessons and insights for your audience. Discover how to share your talk on a number of platforms and reach your tribe.

Embrace nerves and anxiety

Discover the speaker’s magic warm up that will ensure you have presence and confidence when speaking. This vocal and physical practice will deepen your ability to communicate with power and create the shift you desire.

1:1 Coaching

We spend a day together working on your business and speaking career. You will receive direct, constructive feedback so you can take your speaking to the next level.


Worksheets and MP3's will be provided to support your learning experience. You can refer back to these whenever you need to.


Email support is provided after our day together so I can continue to support you leading up to your important speaking engagement.

Speaker's VIP Day

We help hundreds of speakers find clarity in their message, master their delivery and impact their audience.

Here is what you'll get...


About Laura Henshall

I’m Laura, I am passionate about speaking up, sharing confidently and standing in our true power. I support and guide speakers, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders just like you to craft an outstanding talk, discover your authentic voice and grow your speaking career. At Speakers Little Secret we care about you, your brand and your unique message.

Now, is the best time to get started, not only do you have accessible, global platforms at your fingertips but speaking is the most POWERFUL way to reach YOUR people and grow your tribe quickly and consistently.