Overcome Nerves and Speak with Confidence

29TH NOVEMBER AT 8PM. Free professional speaker Training designed with YOU in mind.

Get On To The World Stage

75% of our population have speech anxiety. Fear of judgement, criticism, saying the wrong thing, falling on our face, what others will say, not meeting our own expectations... What if there was an easy, simple way to overcome these fears? Knowing how to breakthrough the fear and anxiety that is holding you back from being your best self means you will be free to unleash your creative expression and share your powerful voice with your audience. We need YOU. We need YOUR voice and your message. I am going to share how you can access your untapped potential and bring it to the forefront of your communication. We will discover your true voice and share it with confidence. WORDS are powerful. Use them wisely. Use them abundantly. Let's get ready for 2019.

This free training is for you if you want to...

1. Discover my proven method to overcome nerves and fear used by actors and the hundreds of speakers I have worked with.

Imagine being able to present and communicate in public without the painful lead up. Using the techniques I am going to share will set you up for success every time.

Discover a beautiful flow and synergy to your talk and videos, know how to access your untapped potential when it comes to creating content that works for your audience.

Clarity is key when it comes to delivering and having influence. If you combine this with beautiful storytelling technique and accessing your heart. You are on to a winner. I will show you how.

The STEPS you can take to deliver with captivating confidence, speak from the heart and get booked.

Capture your audience with authenticity, confidence and personality. Take the steps to become a leader in your field.

Hear What Clients Have To Say

about training with Laura

Cecily McGuckin

Cecily McGuckin


Laura really is my little secret. She has an amazing ability to build your confidence and push you outside of your comfort zone. The skills I have learnt from her have made a huge impact on my talks but also the way I communicate day to day. She genuinely believes in you and will become your biggest supporter. She has shown me that we all have a story that’s worth sharing.

Angelina Zimmerman

Angelina Zimmerman

Author, Development Coach

Laura is a thought leader in the speaking industry and she has achieved incredible success. She is a true professional in every sense of the word and is exceptionally giving with her time and expertise. If you want to take your speaking to the next level, Laura can help you achieve your speaking goals in record time. Laura will give you exceptional guidance, support, challenge and love along the way. A heart of gold and the expertise to transform your speaking career overnight. I highly recommend Laura to organisations and upcoming speakers.



About Laura Henshall

I’m Laura and I help speakers, founders, CEO’s and future leaders just like you grow your speaking career, discover your powerful voice and get clients without losing your individuality. At SLS we care about your brand and your unique message.

I know it’s your dream to be a confident, engaging speaker, you’d love to share your story on stage, travel and get paid for your talks and who knows a TED talk could be on the cards.

Now, is the best time to get started, not only do you have accessible, global platforms at your fingertips but speaking is THE most powerful way to reach YOUR people and grow your tribe quickly and consistently.