Fast Track Speaker - Global Stage Ready

For the speaker who means business. This is for you if you are ready to go all in and create a speaking career with longevity. The bells and whistles of speaking. Our 12 month program is here to support you in mind, body and spirit. We get to create the roadmap for your future.

Build your speaking career.

Here, we will master your message, create signature talks that sell your ideas and your packages, refine your delivery to world class standard, create your speakers pitch package and get industry professionals on your side. You have access to my team of stylists, body language coaches, marketing professionals and mindset mentors.

This program is for you if you want to...

Be seen as a professional speaker

Getting clear on your personal brand as a speaker is important to your success. There are many layers that come into play here. I give you access to my team of stylists and we work together on your values and mission as a speaker so that you are remembered for your reputation and hired for your impact.

Build Your Personal Brand and Business

Personal brand isn’t just aesthetics, this is where we bring together your message, your business and your communication. How you show up as a leader everyday becomes your business and personal brand.

Create Talks That Sell from Stage

You are always selling from stage, whether it’s an idea, a perspective or a paid product or package. Selling from stage is a skill that can be honed. I share my techniques and templates with you so you have a blueprint to follow easily and quickly.

Have Confidence and Certainty in Your Message

Focusing on your delivery is important to you as you know it’s the thing that will enable you to stand out as a speaker and book paid engagements. Your speaking style is something we can develop and nurture, It means allowing the real you to shine through. Having confidence and certainty in your message is paramount.

Hear What Clients Have To Say

about working with Laura

Lynne Stockdale

Lynne Stockdale

Personal Stylist

Working with Laura Huxley is one of the best investments I ever made in myself and my business. Laura helped me put together my Ted Style talk and I have used this format for every talk I have done since. I now happily accept and seek out speaking gigs, which is something I would never have done before. She showed me how to handle nerves. Best of all I get to share my message with people everywhere as a result of this new found confidence. Thank you Laura.

Here's what we'll be covering...

Brand Message

Mindset, Message Mastery and Next Level Speaking

Powerful Delivery

Use your voice, body language and message to connect with your audience


Storytelling is a powerful tool. I will share my 5 step storytelling method so we can ensure your audience is engaged and ready to hear your lessons.

Your Signature Talk / Keynote

Be known for your talk. Create a stand out talk that will be remembered long after you have left the stage.

Overcome nerves and anxiety

Discover the speakers magic warm up and exercised that will ensure you have presence and confidence when speaking.

Speakers Pitch Package

Your speakers pitch package is gold. This is what will gain trust and value in the market place and ensure that you are top of mind as a speaker. There are many layers to your SPP, we’ve got you covered.

1:1 Coaching

Each month we have 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions online. These sessions are guided by you depending on what you need. Possible areas we will cover are: Mindset, Creating your leadership roadmap, presenting on video, creating your signature talks, booking speaking engagements.

VIP Days x 4

Take time out of your business to focus on you for the day. These are personalised in person coaching days where we spend a full day brainstorming, rehearsing, practicing, refining and delivering your talks ready for the stage.

Support and Accountability

You have access to me via our private facebook group in addition to email support. This level of VIP support is provided only to members of the Fast Track program.

Fast Track Speaker - Global Stage Ready

We help hundreds of speakers find clarity in their message, master their delivery and build a lasting speaking career.

Here is what you'll get...

$3500 per month

About Laura Henshall

I’m Laura and I help speakers, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders just like you to grow your speaking career, discover your authentic voice and get clients without losing your individuality. At SLS we care about your brand and your unique message.

I know it’s your dream to be a confident, engaging speaker, you’d love to share your story on stage, travel and get paid for your talks and who knows a TED talk could be on the cards.

Now, is the best time to get started, not only do you have accessible, global platforms at your fingertips but speaking is THE most powerful way to reach YOUR people and grow your tribe quickly and consistently.