Build your professional speaking career.

Fast Track Speaker - Global Stage Ready

For the speaker who means business. This is for you if you are ready to go all in and create a speaking career with longevity. The bells and whistles of speaking. Our 12 month program is here to support you in mind, body and spirit. We get to create the roadmap for your future. Here, we will master your message, create signature talks that sell your ideas and your packages, refine your delivery to world class standard, create your speakers pitch package and get industry professionals on your side. You have access to my team of stylists, body language coaches, marketing professionals and mindset mentors.

Message Mastery

Discover the power in your message, gain crystal clear clarity around what you are saying to who and leverage your reach. Together we create a plan for your message. Whether you are selling from stage or have been hired as a motivational speaker. Your message is the driver behind everything.

World Class Keynote

Designing a world class talk that makes you stand out from the crowd isn’t as simple as it may seem. The detail involved is essential to you reaching your goals. We will craft a talk that will reach the hearts of your audience and be remembered long after you have left the room.


This is where the real magic happens. The power behind your delivery is what will make you a stand out speaker. I will give you direct and constructive feedback on your use of vocal production, body language and engagement. Here is where we look at storytelling and leadership skills.

If this sounds like the package for you, book in a complimentary call with me so we can work out the finer details. Click the link below and you will be taken straight to my calendar.

Dr Sarah McKay

Dr Sarah McKay

Your Brain Health, Neuroscience Academy

Laura coached and supported me to give the talk of my career on the TEDx Stage. I was confident, powerful and enjoyed the whole process thanks to Laura's training. Thank You