Hey, I'm Laura

I believe everyone has something important to say. I am passionate about supporting people to share their gifts without fear.

Through the SLS online Communication Hub, Events and Coaching, I help people like you to share your gifts and powerful message with the world. My passion is supporting you to know exactly what you want to say to your audience and doing it with confidence, ease and authenticity.

Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide. – Morgan Harper Nichols

Laura Henshall is an international speaker, actress and artist who leads workshops and trainings giving people the support and encouragement they need to discover their true self confidence and share it with the world.

She is founder of Speakers Little Secret and creator of online training program SPEAK YOUR WHY in addition to The speakers academy. ( membership for aspiring and established speakers )

Laura’s passion for the arts and communications began as a young girl whilst performing in plays and musicals. However, her shy, reserved nature and lack of confidence often stopped her from experiencing lead roles and recognition. The discovery of her true talent and powerful voice didn’t come until she embarked on her studies as an actress and was chosen as one of two from her year to go on exchange to university in NYC to study voice, dance and acting. 

Laura has since trained with leading acting coaches including Annie Swann in Sydney and Larry Moss, Josh Pais in NYC. Much of her teachings share ideas and learnings from lineage such as Stanislavski, Stellar Adler and Uta Hagen in addition to voice teachers Patsy Rodenburg and Kristen Linklater. 

Through her work, Laura guides us to connect with our inner confidence and turn our ideas and experiences into powerful TED style talks and keynotes. Her experience as a speaker and storyteller has seen her share her talks on stages in UK, New York and Australia. She has gone on to support others to TEDx stages around the globe and grow their businesses through the medium of powerful speaking ( video and stage ) Her work is holistic, playful and transformative.

Renowned for her fun warm ups, passion for feminine leadership and to be a voice for the voiceless Laura has been featured in CEO Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald and co hosted radio show Inspire talk. She works with CBA in Sydney supporting staff with internal and external communication events.

Laura’s qualifications include: BA Acting and Communications, Co Founder of Ledlight Theatre Company, On camera skills, NIDA presenting course, Big Brand Speaking and Andy Harrington’s speakers university. 

Originally from the home of The Theatre of Dreams in Manchester UK. Laura travelled the world which led her to the beaches of Sydney where she now lives with her husband and young daughter. www.academy.speakerslittlesecret.com