Do you believe in magic? I do, always have and I believe sometimes we need a sprinkle of magic when bringing our visions to life. I have found there is a little bit of wizardry needed in regards to getting EXACTLY what you want.

Have you ever been so frustrated and just wanted to scream because things aren’t working out the way that you planned? I certainly have.

Often when I am working with my wonderful clients going through my speaker training program their goal is to use speaking to grow their business, boost their online and offline profile and get themselves out there in a bigger way.

I’ll say to them, “Are you crystal clear in regards to what you want?” And “Are you specifically asking for it?” 

If you want more new clients, to book speaking engagements or you simply want that raspberry ripple ice cream? Then get clear on exactly how you are going to do it.

Here are the simple magic ingredients:

CLARIFY and write it down, the power of the written word is beyond anything else. Once you write it down and you can see it regularly, you are much more likely to take inspired action and to bring it to you faster.

COMMUNICATE IT. Who do you need to communicate it to?  YOU! communicate it to yourself and say it out loud often and tell other people, share openly about what your goals and dreams are. 

“I would love 5 beautiful new clients this week,  I would love to travel to Europe, I would love that gorgeous Mercedes, I would like to volunteer twice a month”  

The third thing is to CONVERT it into reality.

What actions can you take on a daily or weekly basis to get yourself closer to your goal? I think this is the most difficult part. At the beginning we can feel motivated, inspired and driven, however, it’s when things become uncomfortable, monotonous or boring that is the biggest challenge. I have found that it is in these times we discover our magic, the will to keep going and do what it takes to bring our visions to life. It’s not always easy but it’s completely worth it.


Keep me posted on your results, I’d love to hear how you go with this and if it helps you. 

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Have a beautiful day.

Love L x

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